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We are a team of reliable, attentive and responsive people, anytime and anywhere. We are a company with highly engineered processes.

For the customer, this means having a personal and direct relationship with us: our people are there from the beginning to the end of every project, even on the other side of the world. This gives you the certainty of achieving your goals, meeting tight deadlines, and solving even last-minute problems.

The project leader, who is always one of the owners, is the guarantor of each project – also for the logistical part -, both towards the client and towards the other professionals and craftsmen involved.

Each phase follows a precise path and is carefully documented. From the plans to the prototyping, where samples and variants are shown so that the best choices can be made right away: materials, colours, wood finishes and polishes, stucco effects.

Together with the materials, the assembly team, the head fitter, the architect or just the assembly kits or the instruction booklet for the local team can leave.

By contacting Il Piccolo, you can be sure of the direct involvement of the owner at every stage of the project. You will also have the certainty of timely coordination between the various craftsmen and excellent customer care. These are the strengths that customers and the market recognise. And they will form the basis for the success of your project.

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