Our Values

We care about the arts, about people, about the environment

We study, follow and share what emerges and moves in the world of design.

Every day we talk to a large number of clients, architects, craftsmen, designers. Working all over the world has opened our reality to other cultures, arts, sensibilities.

We like to dialogue and get in tune with different people and professionals, from the stylist to the craftsman jealous of his secrets, to the most demanding customer for his home.

We like to share our ideas and discoveries with everyone, not just our clients: our work has become a point of reference for artists, architects and enthusiasts.

We like to work with the environment and the living conditions of the people who make beautiful things for us in mind: our products are manufactured with the utmost respect for human rights and with complete transparency in the production chain. For raw materials, especially wood and brass, we rely on the most serious suppliers, to make sure they do not come from radioactive or deforestation-prone areas.

We live out these values in our everyday life and work. Because we are convinced that only ethical and responsible conduct can give rise to true beauty, that which conveys deep emotions and is able to resist the passage of time.

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