Our strong points

We are small, flexible, efficient and fast.
A team of reliable persons, careful and reactive, always and everywhere.

Il Piccolo has searched for and found a balance between its different souls: creativity and technology, hand-craft and industrial, local and global.
We are a company with a human dimension, but equipped with high-level engineered processes.
For the client the meaning is to have a personal and direct relationship with us, always sure to reach the scheduled targets, respect the strictest deadlines, face even the last second problems.
The project leader is the only interlocutor and the warrantor of each project, either towards the client or towards other involved professionals and artisans.
Each phase follows a precise and meticulously documented path.
From the planning to the prototypes, where samples and versions are shown, in order to make the best choices immediately: materials, colours, wooden finishing and lacquering, plasters effects.

Another important moment is the pre-assembling: each environment is completely assembled in the workshops of Il Piccolo in order to check potency, effect and endurance and then disassembled, packed, shipped and finally reassembled on site.

The artistic and technological soul of Il Piccolo meet in the project’s realization. The idea is carried out in rigorous production process, a punctual logistics, a vanguard machinery both from the technical and the regulatory point of view.

The heating and conditioning equipments are ecologically compatible and energy saving. The choice of the materials is based on the international security rules as well, in particular for what concerns spaces opened to public access. In the homes, instead, automation controls the alarm systems, lighting, locking up, home theatre.

Our persons are present from the beginning to the end of the project, even across the world, according to the most flexible modalities. Together with the materials, we can send the assembling team, the team chief, the architect, or only the assembling kit or instructions for the local team.

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