Interior Directors

For more than forty years Il Piccolo has been designing, creating and furnishing interiors. A unique heritage of creative abilities, planning and organisation, artistic and handcrafted skills with innovative technologies.

The metaphor of the show


In Milan, Il Piccolo is in the heart of Brera, right in front of Il Piccolo Theater.
One of the most important cultural institutions of the city inspired our brand and our logo.

After all, making a working environment is a little bit like setting up a show: an essential role is played both by art and by technique.
Begin the subject (the idea of a home where to live, the draft of a stylist for a shop), write the script (the architectural project), make an accurate casting (the craftsmen) and finally realize the show organizing the most different professionalisms. Often it’s taken far away, to the other part of the world.
Nothing works without the capacity of imaging and dreaming, neither without planning and organizing.

As in a theatre for the Premiere, there are inescapable deadlines: the opening, the shop, the airport or the office
that opens on that determined day. And that day must be perfect. But with a difference: here there are no scenes to be watched from afar, realized only for the showtime and then thrown away. There are places where to live forever, shops to go through and to touch. Everything must be thought and realized to last in time, to be used, lived, seen close by. With the best materials and a perfection up till the smallest details.

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