A Family, an Italian History

We were born as upholsterers, and till today we realize big complexity interiors all over the world, we carry this hand-craft soul made of high quality materials, attention to the detail, tradition and testing, perfectionism and tenacity, everywhere.
The company is in its second generation: Federico Galimberti
began in 1968, in the last years his sons Massimiliano and Andrea followed him, with their postgraduates in management engineering and marketing.

The first workshop was in Borromeo Place. In the sixties the upholstery had a central part in the furnishing of a home, especially for our clients, the high bourgeoisie and the aristocracy of Milan, very engaged and qualified into fabrics, trimmings, nuances and colours combinations.

From the upholsteries we pass to the furniture
, and, step by step, to restructurings: so we start working with other artisans, coordinating whole furnishing projects. In Brianza, we open a woodworking workshop, and we learn a new craft just in the oldest Italian furniture district.
At the beginning of the eighties we move on into Brera, where we open our first shop, designed by the architects Massoni and Cazzaniga: the brand and the logo were born, inspired by Il Piccolo Theater.

Brera is most of all art and design. Il Piccolo appears in this new world first by selling furniture articles and objects signed by important international designers, then by collaborating with architects.

In the first years of the nineties, the turning point
. The memorable Christmas arrangement in Via della Spiga, and the first proposals for the realization of shops and showrooms come along. The stylists are Ferré, Verri, Versace. We are attracted by change and we pass from high level hand-craft to the interpretation of trends and lifestyles.

For ten years, we work almost exclusively for Gianni Versace. For everybody a legendary brand, for Il Piccolo a school and a testing workshop. Giving concreteness to Versace’s dreams means to try new and precious materials: boiserie, gold, brass,

crystals, inlays. Realizing shops all over the worldaround 500 in ten years – puts our abilities to the test in coordinating and ensuring not only our quality, but also the one of other artisans and professionals, and in organizing and managing very complicated projects. With compelling deadlines and high-level expectations.

And it is through fashion world that we come back to origins: the redecoration and the furnishing of private homes. The assignments of Versace’s residences, are followed by the ones of other stylists, artists, actors.

By now, beyond our shop windows in Brera
there is a strong and tested structure: Cerruti Contract, the producing workshop and the forge of ideas for the engineering and execution of the works of Il Piccolo.

We are ready to handle new visions.

Etro, Cavalli, Bulgari, Frank Muller, John Galliano entrust us their shops. Each one, aesthetics and a world to give shape and content. And more and more are the privates who ask us to create an exclusive home, the environment of their life, wherein flow together inspirations, styles, wellness and beauty. Industrial design and unique pieces.

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