What we Like

We are interested in arts, people, environment.
We follow and partake what appears and moves in the design world.

Every day we talk with almost 150 interlocutors,among clients, architects, artisans, designers. Working all over the world carried Il Piccolo towards other cultures, arts, sensibilities.

We like to speak and be in tune with persons and different professionalities from the stylist to the artisan, jealous of its own secrets, to the most demanding client for his own house.

We like to study and continuously nose around in the art and design world.

We like to share our discoveries with everybody, not only with the clients: the blog Il piccoloD+ is now a benchmark for architects, students and impassioned.

We like to promote youth: Il Piccolo opens its doors, for stages to young people from all over the world who want to study and make some experience in the international design capital city.

We like to collaborate with companies and designers of other countries.

We like to work thinking about the environment and life conditions of the persons who realize beautiful things for us: the carpets are made in the maximum respect of the human rights and with a complete transparency of the production line; for the raw materials, woods and brass particularly, we entrust the most serious suppliers, to be sure that the materials do not come from radioactive areas or subject to deforestation.

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